The Mark Of The Neocons Is Now On America


While Adolf Hitler and NAZI Germany could compete well with the neocons’ propaganda efforts, the neocons “takes the cake” when it comes to spying on their own countrymen. America’s neocons have re-written the “laws of spying”.

Political power centers in America have, with their anti- do gooder philosophy, made an impact on America. Human beings tend toward evil – not good. A society must – to keep evil in check – train and regulate. America’s neocons attacked both. Training was attacked at the Sesame Street level(got to get ‘em while they are young). Regulation was attacked via the economy.

[We know how to run the country – all we need is someone to sign-off on stuff]

The idea of a figure-head president is foreign to America’s fabric.

The neocons with their greedy bastard’s mindset would take America back to the era when pilgrims and puritans and indentured servants and overflow from English jails came to America.

The neocons know that going from democracy to fascism is a major change and many Americans may not like it. It might be wise to have the capability to monitor the mindset of America. It might be wise to have the means to spy on Americans – not all of them – just 200,000,000 of them.

[Back in the do-gooder days, spying and armies were reserved for inter-country combat. Now that greedy bastards have their marks on the world, those entities are being considered for intra-country combat. It’s a “crying shame” – using armies on your own people.]

Ex-President George W. Bush’s illegal spying on Americans has sacrificed two Americans. But when you consider the sacrifices(6,000) of Americans to gain the world’s second largest oil reserves, there is little comparison.

The mark of the neocons is on America. And that mark has done far more damage to America than all of America’s terrorists combined. Terrorists threaten lives and buildings. Neocons threatens America’s fabric. America’s Constitution might be considered as nothing more than a goddam piece of paper.  And Lord knows that if there is a preponderance of intellect in the neocon performance – it’s not showing.

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