What Will Be The Next Supreme Court Advances In America’s Civilization?


Listen to the current accomplishments:

Sodomy legalized?

Voting Rights Law under attack

Depiction of animal cruelty ok

Corporate Campaign Contributions ok

Strip searches OK for minor offenses, Supreme Court Says

Strip Search for traffic stop ok(Male)

Strip Search for traffic stop ok(Female)

Both the Executive and Judicial branches attacked America’s privacy. Both laid down rules which demeaned the human soul of the person whose privacy was breached. Both Branches, in this neocon anti- do good era, attacked and/or probed the private parts of the victim.

Remember joejolly’s post of a few days ago? It was about power and what power can do to those who wield it. Any fool would know better than to do what some high ranking neocon politicians and Supreme Court justices have done to the genitals of selected groups.

Both branches of America’s government have the power to expose, manipulate and handle the genitals of arrested/accused citizens.

Whatever the neocons touched turned to garbage. And the neocons touched America’s Supreme Court.

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