Obama to meet privately with family of Mandela


The above headline comes from THE JERUSALEM POST

To a large extent, privacy uses ethics as a substantial protector. That is why not much of a surprise was generated by the below headline:

A Private Conversation Becomes Painfully Public.

That headline produced this text:

In retrospect, it probably was not such a good idea to confide in Rupert Murdoch. Billionaires, it turns out, can be just as indiscreet as the rest of us.[…]

While it is sad that a press element has been reduced to this level, it still follows the neocons’ master plan of doing evil rather than doing good.

Several years ago Mr. Mandela spoke his feelings about Mr. Tony Blair’s support for the Iraq war. Mr. Mandela felt betrayed by Mr. Blair’s decision to join the invasion of Iraq. Joejolly said it this way.

None of us will stay on planet earth forever. That is why, Mother Nature, in her wisdom, designed plans to prolong, on a recycling basis, human existence on planet earth. Joejolly does not know how much training that took: but once learned it worked fine – until now. We saw the television commercial that said, “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” – yet the attempt continues.

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