Perhaps ‘Relationship Skills’ Have Come Of Age?


Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank is under new management and here is some output from Fact Tank. The title of the piece is Why boys with sisters are more likely to be Republicans. Joejolly tried to get a fix on boys -  but was unable to learn a race of the boys.

America, in its “melting pot” idea, has black boys, white boys, Hispanic boys, Indian boys and more. And these boys do have sisters. And many of these boys would not even think of becoming what the authors called Republicans. Even Abraham Lincoln would not qualify to be what the authors called Republicans. So, it really looks like the Fact Tank is speaking of White Boys with White sisters. And the picture, representative of the authors’ piece seems to say as much.

Perhaps it is great that Fact Tank has discovered a way to relate A to B.  But, let A be the cause of a Republican economy crash and B be either the Republicans’ Great Depression, of 1929  or their Great Recession of 2007. Neither cause has made it into America’s current events news pool. Republicans learned nothing from either of their economy crashes. Neither cause has been related to events.

But now a statistical technique might be of help in discovering what caused the Republicans’ Great Depression of 1929 and their Great Recession of 2007. Listen to this:

[…]Using a sophisticated statistical technique designed to identify causal relationships, they found that the impact of having sisters rises as the share of siblings who are sisters increases.[…]

Did you get the “causal relationships”? America’s economy is in dire need of the ability to fathom relationships between economic acts and economic Great Depressions on down to economic Great Recessions. But it is still unlikely that a relationship between cause and effect will be found. Nobody is looking.

The PEW Think Tank seems to be progressing along predictable lines of thought. Presenting this piece is nothing more than promotional neocon material. It is fuzzy logic. It is part of the reason why statistics sometimes draws a puzzled -  even laughable response. 

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