Ex-President George W. Bush and Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney Returned From Retirement


The question of how the neocons managed the CIA brought Mr. Cheney back into the political spotlight. The question of how the neocons managed FISA brought Mr. Bush(George W.) back into the political spotlight. The activities under scrutiny were that bad.

Central to both cases was the use of America’s security laws. Some acts, as we all know,  can be done under color of law. Hiding illegal activities under a secrecy label ought to bring forth the “color of law” idea. But in high ranking civilian life as in high ranking military life – rank has its privileges.

This may be the first time in a long time, or maybe even the first time in American history that two high ranking political figures felt a need to come back on the political scene to protect something they personally created or was attached to. In both cases it was the legality of what they did that was under close scrutiny. Two retired neocon politicians became political activists.

Serving one’s country with honor is or should be the goal of those who served – whether in the trenches of a world war or at the desk of a White House office. America, the democracy, is well worth serving in an honorable way. And collecting data to validate the status of serving activities ought not be hindered. But it was. The neocons have a Pandora’s Box filled with stuff that has yet to be validated.

How honorably the Ex-Vice President served in his relationship with America’s CIA was never fully revealed. The Ex-Vice President, came out of retirement, squealing like a stuck pig. He made the talk shows. It was dividing America. And the idea of evaluating the relationship of that Vice President with America’s CIA was stopped. Will America’s Ex-President, coming out of retirement, be able to stop any investigation into PRISM?

The PRISM creation was worse than the sliced penis creation of the CIA activity in that it affected the whole country of America rather than several penises of neocon declared terrorists. It brought down America’s privacy that the Goddam Piece of Paper guaranteed. It enabled a government, whether democratic or fascist to spy on American citizens. If a fascist government ever gained power, it could use spying on the whole country to “nip in the bud” any attempts to galvanize Americans for a return to democracy.

Is it strange that both of the neocons’ attacks on American principles were responded to by lone American citizens rather than the press? Well…no…the press had no legal access to the material that the lone American citizens did. And the press, i.e. a law abiding press, does not encourage a citizen to break the law by providing that press element with government secrets. But one American press element was said to have done just that.

Several American citizens have spoken up against and acted against what the neocons created. No matter how evil the government is, a citizen of that government takes great risk in the capacity of whistle blower. Ex-President Bush(George W.) wants to focus on the whistle blower. Both he and the whistle blower are in the loop. And listen to this:

The former president noted that he put NSA surveillance programs in place, and "one of the certainties is civil liberties were guaranteed."


Joejolly does not like the expression “lol” in response to anything. But if there ever was a case where “lol” could be appropriate, the above response, of guaranteed liberties  could be it.

If civil liberties were guaranteed would he be back in the political spotlight after vowing to remain out of the political spotlight. It is assumed that the guarantee is in the English language but if it is somebody might need to tell this to an  Ex JUDGE of the FISA COURT. Listen:

A former federal judge who granted government surveillance requests has broken ranks to criticise the system of secret courts as unfit for purpose in the wake of recent revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

James Robertson, who retired from the District of Columbia circuit in 2010, was one of a select group of judges who presided over the so-called Fisa courts, set up under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which are intended to provide legal oversight and protect against unnecessary privacy intrusions.

But he says he was shocked to hear of recent changes to allow more sweeping authorisations of programmes such as the gathering of US phone records, and called for a reform of the system to allow counter-arguments to be heard.[…]


Apparently Mr. Snowden, an American citizen, does not believe he can get a fair trial in America, so he is searching for a home elsewhere. He did not spy illegally on 200,000,000 Americans. If he had, he could likely have a home in Texas. The man who spied illegally on 200,000,000 Americans lives in comfortable settings in the State of Texas – one of the Civil War states. The purpose of the Civil War was to destroy America – just like the terrorists of today wants to do.

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