America Turned Thumbs Down On George W. Bush in 2006


In America, Removing a President from power can  start with the population. America’s population, in 2006, wanted President George W. Bush out of Office. America’s voters didn’t want to take it anymore. Listen to Wikipedia:

The 2006 United States midterm elections were held on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. All United States House of Representatives seats and one third of the United States Senate seats were contested in this election, as well as 36 state governorships, many state legislatures, four territorial legislatures and many state and local races. The election resulted in a sweeping victory for the Democratic Party which captured the House of Representatives, the Senate, and a majority of governorships and state legislatures from the Republican Party.

The victory of the Democratic Party in the 2006 Congressional elections was a major milestone for an additional reason: it saw the election of the first woman to serve as the Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, became the highest-ranking woman in the history of the government of the United States upon her election as Speaker in January 2007. In the United States, the Speaker is not only the presiding officer and leader of the majority party, the Speaker also directly follows the Vice President of the United States in the line of succession to the presidency. It was also the first election in U.S. history in which the losses for one side were so lopsided that the victorious party did not lose a single incumbent or open seat in Congress or governor’s mansion.[…],_2006

Listen to what Linda Milazzo said in 2007:

Nobody Marched To Impeach Bill Clinton

NOBODY marched to impeach Bill Clinton. Angry citizens DIDN’T fill the streets, carry signs and beg a non-responsive Congress to do its Constitutional duty and remove Bill Clinton from his job. Panels WEREN’T held across the nation, moderated by Constitutional scholars who loved their country so much that they traversed its full span to inform packed audiences of the high crimes Bill Clinton had done.

Nope. That DIDN’T happen.[…]

After kicking the neocon congressmen out of office in 2006, America’s ombudsmen(voters) continued marching in the streets of America. They had strong objections to the war policy of President George W. Bush. He was still in office in 2006.

But now there was a different makeup in America’s Congress. Democrats held a clear majority in America’s House Of Representatives. Impeachment is in the domain of the House of Representatives. America’s voters had given its House of Representatives a clear majority to do what should have been done. But the Democrats loudly said – impeachment is off the table.

Impeachment charges one with a crime. It does not convict one of a crime. And if George W. Bush escaped being charged with a crime, what would you call what Linda Milazzo spoke of?

America and the Democrats have been paying for that House of Representatives miscarriage of justice for many years. Had justice been served in 2006, 200,000,000 Americans would still have their privacy. And Mr. Snowden would still be living in America, as an American, rather than a homeless person in search of a country to call home.

And Bush, George W., wants to sacrifice Mr. Snowden for revealing Mr. Bush’s transgressions. Let Mr. Snowden pay for what he did. He made a huge sacrifice for the world. But stop letting Mr. Bush escape the consequences of his actions. He has been doing that for so long – he now expects it.

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