Why Have The Bush(George W.) And The Cheney Behaviors Been So Unusual?


Bush(George W.) and Dick Cheney have exhibited unusual political behavior after leaving public office. They both came back into the political world. Like the cat, both of them came back. Their political agendas still seems to be works in progress. Could it be they are still pushing a political game plan?

Could it be they are still pushing Guantanamo? Could it be they are still pushing spying on 200,000,000 Americans? Both of those legacies, evil as Satan, are still neocon works in progress.

Playing with politics has been in the Bush Family for awhile according to news sources. And the fascist type political theme is nothing new. Listen:

How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

There wasn’t much difference, in essence, between  the taking of Iraq by President George W. Bush and the taking of Poland by Reichskanzler (Chancellor of the Reich)  Adolf Hitler. Both were classified as aggression. Adolf Hitler paid the price. George W. Bush did not. And that is likely why George W. Bush is still in the political spotlight today – even though he is out of office he is still a political activist. Is he protecting something that only he knows how deeply disturbing it is?

It is very, very unusual for an American ex-President to become, after leaving office, a political activist. You likely cannot remember, in your lifetime an American President and Vice President who returned to scene of the …. I mean … who became political activists again.

The focus of the Ex-Vice President was Guantanamo(a snake pit). The focus of the Ex-President was PRISM(as evil as a snake pit).

Unless fascism overcomes democracy, Ex-President George W. Bush is likely to go down in history as a very evil human being. That removes all the contexts – save one – humanity.

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