Now Here Is Something That May Have “Slipped Your Mind”


Pew Research Reminds us that the media plays a watchdog role for America. You may have forgotten that.

The media once approached America’s election day this way: “ be good citizens and vote”.

But now – from the UK – (News of the World) to America – (Chicago Sun-Times then FOX News) to Australia – (News Corp Australia) there have been radical changes to the media’s watchdog role.

Pew admits there is  “criticism” of the media. Outrage would better fit the conditions but that stage may not have been realized yet.

From the Pew Research Center we see this:

Amid Criticism, Support For Media’s ‘Watchdog’ Role Stands Out

Prior to 1980 the media played a watchdog role for much of America. That is a part of America’s heritage. From the news boy on the street yelling “wuxtra, wuxtra read all about it!” to Clark Kent who worked at Metropolis Newspaper – news sources were well received by America’s Constitution(First Amendment) and by America’s people. Even America’s children were gainfully fulfilled by America’s news sources.

But then came 1980. And in slithered a neocon attack on the news world. The attacker swallowed many news sources and thus changed the behaviors of those news sources. The Chicago Sun-Times, however, upset the stomach of the swallower and had to be regurgitated.

But still, as Pew Research says, support for media’s watchdog role stands out. Has America’s values degraded?

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