America’s Biggest Internet Privacy Threat Was And Still Is The United States Government


And all the while, Internet surfers thought firewalls and anti-virus software was doing an adequate job of keeping their Internet surfing private. All the while high tech organizations were extolling the “cloud” – suggesting that business put their “big data” in the Cloud,  some – not all were funneling “word for word” privacy to the post 1980 Government of the United States of America.

The Fourth Amendment to America’s Constitution says the American Government should not do that. But George W. Bush did it – twice.

Joejolly just tried to find out how big the American Government spying operation is – in terms of a “guesstimate” headcount. All he found, all over the Internet, is the likelihood of a 30 billion dollar loss to the Cloud Business. It didn’t have to be this way.

Had President George W. Bush been impeached in 2006/7 as he should have been, America would not have suffered to the extent it has. And a double impeachment standard would not have been  introduced.

Impeaching one President for failing to tell the truth about a personal matter and failing to impeach another President about the Iraq war which had a dubious reason for starting, killed 6,000 American soldiers and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens – makes for a double standard.

And the UN and others called the unprovoked Iraq war – illegal. Maybe CBS and other news sources didn’t see a DOUBLE STANDARD in America’s impeachment system. And maybe, as PEW Research recently said, Americans kind of believes that the PRESS PLAYS A WATCHDOG ROLE. It is assumed that the watchdog role is on behalf of America’s citizens and her Fourth Amendment to her Constitution. But that’s a “head scratcher”.

The biggest threat on the Internet may not need tunneling to get access to your private information.

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