Tax Cuts And The National Debt – Part II


The U.S. Economy

Politics And The Economy


Political responses to an economy going “sour” can vary depending on the agenda of the interested political parties. When a political agenda takes precedence over all other considerations, an economy can be in trouble – perhaps, intentionally.

Sequestration in 1985, made no more sense than modernization in 1999. Both ideas needed ombudsmen leaving the political watchdog role up to the media. And the media’s watchdog must have employed a Chihuahua  as the watchdog. Much of the media seemed busy with its own agenda.

Sequestration is a tool of the neocons, by the neocons and for the neocons. The neocons inherited a good economy – wrecked it – and then created a sequester that was applied only to a Democratic President who put a surplus in America’s treasury. Yes, President Bill Clinton reversed the slope of the neocon’s “spending like Hell” curve and put money back into America’s treasury. The neocons impeached him, gained the Presidency again and like “Maybelline” – started back doing the things they used to do.

Sequestration, like most any tool, can  be used as a weapon. When sequester was used and threatened to be used it was against the Democrats. If this was religion instead of politics that would be blasphemy? Joejolly went searching for examples of Sequester’s use. What he found was Sequester’s abuse. It was a neocon sham from the “gitgo” .

Slaying the Dragon of Debt is a webpage presented by the University of California, Berkeley. It focuses on America’s debt from 1970 to 2010. No way in Hell would a neocon want America to see and understand that webpage. It sheds light on the Sequester. Joejolly has pointed this out in a previous blog.

The only activation of government shutdown was during President ‘s Bill Clinton Administration. Yes – right – he was the one who returned a SURPLUS to America’s treasury. 

The neocons – wearing the Republican party label -  used  and threatened to use the sequester but only against Democratic Presidents. No neocon/Republican President has ever been sequestered. Ain’t that one hell of an attack on the mind of a human being?

Sequestration, like most any tool, can be used as a weapon. Prior to 1980 and the neocons there was no need for sequester. Prior to 1980 both Republicans and Democrats managed America’s treasury – responsibly.

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