The American Government(Neocons) Stole America’s Privacy While The Media Watchdogs Watched


It is no secret that the George W. Bush Administration (neocons) has been as big or bigger threat to America’s way of life than any terrorists since the South decided to go to war in support of human slavery.

The neocons used the terrorist threat to get their hands on the required controls to further their advances toward fascism. And the media watchdogs watched. And the neocons entertained the idea of giving the media watchdogs America’s Internet.

Bush, George W., came out of retirement to protect his legacy investment in the tool (PRISM). PRISM, single handedly, wrecked America’s Fourth Amendment to its Constitution. And keep in mind that the creators of America’s Constitution did not make it immutable. There is a process that can make changes to America’s Constitution. And the lips of a neocon spoke of changes to the Constitution to define the fetus as a person. The birth channel entry into America’s Constitution was suggested to define the fetus as a person. But that did not work. So, Ex-President Bush(George W.), as Commander-In-Chief used his own approach. And he placed a secrecy label on his attack on America’s Fourth Amendment to its Constitution.  

Mr. Bush(George W.) told America that the one who exposed his evil and illegal attacks on America’s Fourth Amendment should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You see…President George W. Bush used America’s security laws to protect his illegal behavior. And the head of the FBI said he would “hunt down” Mr. Snowden.

Now – the most extensive and illegal invasion of privacy the world has seen -  co-exists alongside America’s Fourth Amendment. How the Hell is that possible?

Are the watch dogs watching? Will America’s neocon House of Representatives use its power to assist America rather than to assist its own neocon political gain?

Prism is the greatest blackmail tool that has ever been created by a civilized, Christian, law-abiding country. Prism has no built-in hardware & software ethical or legal controls. It is controlled strictly by policy. That means human operators decides on how to use or abuse the greatest blackmail tools the world has ever seen.

And She(Rice) said – a long time ago: People will soon thank Bush for what he’s done.  Are we there yet?

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