Bush’s Rule Versus Constitutional Rule


Long ago we saw this on the Internet: ‘Bush on the Constitution: It’s just a goddamned piece of paper’. And today we are experiencing the rule of PRISM versus the rule of America’s Fourth Amendment to its Constitution. Is America’s Constitution just a goddamned piece of paper? America’s Constitution has freedom written all over it. Bush’s(George W.) PRISM does not.

The majority of America’s “media watchdog” fell asleep while the neocons were continuing their trashing of America’s virtues, values and treasury.

Just think – if five or six greedy bastards called the shots in America(they know how to run the country – all they need is someone to sign off on stuff) – they could have their Heaven right here on earth. Greedy bastard’s chance at Heaven might be up against strong odds.

How can spying on the entire country of America co-exist with America’s Fourth Amendment? America’s Fourth Amendment to its Constitution is NOT dead!

America “invested” in human slavery, Christianity and ‘Constitution killing’ all within “ear-shot” of America’s watchdog media. That’s the media that was described this way by Pew Research: Amid Criticism, Support for Media’s ‘Watchdog’ Role Stands Out. Listen to this:

Public evaluations of news organizations’ performance on key measures such as accuracy, fairness and independence remain mired near all-time lows. But there is a bright spot among these otherwise gloomy ratings: broad majorities continue to say the press acts as a watchdog by preventing political leaders from doing things that should not be done, a view that is as widely held today as at any point over the past three decades.

Now – rehear this: broad majorities continue to say the press acts as a watchdog by preventing political leaders from doing things that should not be done.

After you get done reading the above and  “scratching your head” you might start to wonder where broad majorities get their information from. By and large those broad majorities are no longer in primary or secondary schools and if they are from Utah, their  primary schools may be in trouble  – Aaron Osmond, Utah State Senator Calls For End To Mandatory Education.

It is no secret that the neocons, from the Bush(George W.) years to the Romney years,  have attacked public education. Sesame Street took a beating.

And one state had, perhaps, a knee-jerk response to education of the masses. Listen: State of Minnesota bans free online education. But, perhaps, after giving further thought Minnesota came up with: Minnesota backpedals from online education ban.

It is pitiful how America’s ACM academic performance deteriorated under the neocons. Joejolly has done many posts on that disaster. Why an attack on education for the masses?

Many political leaders don’t want to be beholden to an intelligent electorate. For some political leaders that would be a fate worse than death. And the education system of a country uplifts the knowledge base of those countrymen.

America’s education system, since 1980 has been neglected. And that may have paid off for the neocon’s agenda. But apparently some Americans believe that they are in possession of political knowledge/information that came via the media’s watch dog role. Two massive questions based on that belief could be: (1) How can the Fourth Amendment to America’s Constitution co-exist with PRISM? And (2) How can rolling bank laws back to what they were during the 1929 Great Depression be called MODERNIZATION? We’ll delist the question on why President Bush really started his Iraq war until later. That question is only 10 years old and King Bush(George W.) has not seen fit to answer to his electorate.

America’s media has had a very, very difficult time living up to the ideals of America’s founding fathers. Perhaps - the Internet beckons. Perhaps – greed plays a role? The media watchdog is not expected to topple a President. That’s not its job. That job remains the responsibility of the people’s elected officials who are supposed to act on behalf of the people – not their political party. That too has been a problem since 1980.

America’s “watchdog” and the “PRISM creator” let sea to shining sea America down. It almost seems like America’s Constitution, “ ain’t nothing but a goddamned piece of paper”. And if that was the case, those words describing America’s Constitution might be equivalent to  a  “sit command” to America’s media watch dogs. And Bush’s(George W.) rule superseded Constitutional rule.

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