Good Citizenship, Data Trails And Media Watchdogs


Government fully expects, indeed can demand, that a citizen tells what he or she knows about criminal activity being scrutinized by a court. But all bets are off when its the government itself being scrutinized for criminal activity. Practicing good citizenship, in this case, can be quite dangerous. It can make a criminal out of a person who reveals criminal activity – if that activity is carried on by a government and concealed by that governments’ security laws .

Some government leaders act under the “their government leadership can do no wrong”.  If that government thinks America’s Constitution “ain’t nothing but a goddamned piece of paper”, that government may treat that Constitution that way. And that Constitution’s Fourth Amendment would be an ideal target for “decapitation”. Effectively killing America’s Fourth Amendment to its Constitution could open up data trails of private information for the leisurely perusal of the neocon controlled federal government. Welcome to the world of BIG BROTHER. But how can this be? With America’s media watchdogs on guard – how can the protection of the Fourth Amendment vanish into thin air?

America’s press has a long history of watchdog role in America. Pew Research has recently said the media’s watchdog role stands out and has stood out over the past three decades. How far back does that go? Now lets do the math:

A decade = 10 years

3 decades = 3 times 10 = 30 years

2013 – 30 = 1983

1983 was the year that put America on a collision course with numerous disasters – all engineered and designed by America’s neocons. It was the year that President George W. Bush, at his state of the Union Address, attacked Saddam Hussein and America’s banking system. Both died an unceremonious death. Media watchdogs, if there were any – should have started barking, vigorously,  in 2003 and should still be vigorously barking today. But that didn’t happen.

Too many stupid ideas have been surfaced by the neocons to expect that media watch dogs are doing their historical jobs.

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