The Wall Street Journal, Owned By News Corporation, Seems To Be Weighing-In On The Syria Uprising


A news title, at the Wall Street Journal says, “Syria, Russia 1; U.S., Democracy 0“. Mr. Bertrand Horwitz, the author of the post, seems to see the Syria uprising as an opportunity to revive the 50′s cold war atmosphere between Russia and America. The Bush(George W.) Administration, earlier, wanted to revive a crisis of Cuban Missile Crisis proportions. America’s neocons wanted to place American missiles next door to Russia. That would have caused a Poland Missile Crisis.

Seeing the very disturbing events in Syria as a contest between Russia and America adds nothing at all to the solution of the problem in Syria. If one’s intent is to make a positive contribution to that deadly problem that should be welcome. But the author’s platform, the Wall Street Journal,  may preclude that.

The author cited several countries in the problem mix – Syria, Russia, the United States and Israel. With Israel being an exception, the author also cited the leaders of those countries. The central problem is a citizen up-rising in Syria. Syria seemed to be experiencing what America’s Tea Party promised America. - a civil war.

Whose job is it to maintain a modicum of peace between and among countries? Bush, (George W.), after he could not persuade the United Nations to attack Iraq, decided HE was the world policeman. He punished Saddam Hussein and Iraq. A life and a very valuable oil resource was lost. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, called the Iraq war illegal.

The Middle East descended into chaos during the rein of the neocons. President George W. Bush was the worse thing to happen to the Middle East in a long time. Every other American President, understood the volatile situation in the Middle East.  In 1946, the United Nations killed Palestine and replaced it with Israel. Republicans, the real ones, and Democrats realized that the Middle East is and was a  “powder-keg”. Bush rushed in where wise men fear to tread?

And Mr. Horwitz might be reminded that Ex-President George W. Bush used the democracy word while invading Iraq and delivering Iraq’s oil to America’s BIG OIL. For the West – supply went up and price followed suit.

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