Tim Berners-Lee Speaks Out On Government Spying


And here is what he said:

Insidious Government Surveillance May Be Worse Than Outright Censorship

Don’t know who Tim-Berners-Lee is? Listen to his name referenced by a political figure:

[…]“It may not be completely simple but it’s definitely not as simple as that the government invented it,” he said. “When you say stuff like, ‘Oh, the government invented the Internet,’ it sort of demeans the process of the individuals who were involved.”

For example, “There was Vinton Cerf. There was Tim Berners-Lee. There were individuals. But it wasn’t the faceless government that invented the Internet. It was individuals. Even if some of them did work for government, the mind of the individual is what should be extolled, not some faceless[…]


That, of course, was Kentucky’s Senator Rand Paul speaking from the Think Tank podium at the Heritage House. Senator Rand Paul was advancing the theory/notion/idea/wishful thinking  that inanimate objects do not have an ownership property. He was applying his theory/notion/idea/wishful thinking to the US Government’s ownership of the Internet – not to Microsoft Corporation’s ownership of Windows software. Both are inanimate objects  – but you know how it is.

At last the Internet, itself,  is beginning to speak out on the evil doings of Ex-President George W. Bush.

Government spying has been a factor in government for a very long time. Everybody, in the whole world, knew that governments spy. But ex-President Bush’s government took government spying to a new low when it not only spied on enemy type governments –  it spied on “everybody”. Paranoia? Not likely. Power? Most likely.

And that kind of spying is an excellent BLACK MAIL tool. Looking for privacy? Don’t get on your home telephone. The men in black, in 1979 deemed your home telephone not to be a tool of privacy. Did Ex-President George W. Bush know this when he first got caught spying on Americans? That is still a mystery. Did he know that he had the ok of the men in black? He sounded so confident when he told Congress, an equal branch of America’s government,: Investigate Surveillance – but be careful. That sounds like a threat from one equal branch of America’s government to another equal branch of America’s government.

Do you want privacy? Try your home(not a public) toilet. Perhaps the home toilet is the last refuge for privacy in homes of post neocon America.

Anyone who knows neocon ethical and law-abiding behavior know PRISM, in their hands, can be  a serious problem for people seeking privacy for their personal data. Ethics in America, since 1980, has been on the wane. With ethics on the wane and prism on the loose, is private personal information, stored in the cloud, more public than private? And another twist came from AT&T who said it owned the information in its pipes.

It has been a really terrible twenty-some-odd years under neocon/Tea Party influence. And if that Utah state senator has his way with mandatory public schools, we’ll likely get to be too damn dumb to notice the fascist activities of the neocon/Tea Party.

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