FACTANK Is At It Again – Comparing Ex-President Bush(George W.) To President Obama


President Obama accomplished more in one term than the neocons did in twenty-some-odd years.

Some news articles, that you read and believe, could make you dumber after the experience. One possible  reason for that, of course, is “news” sources are now political. Politics is a factor. And since this is America, race(the wrong one) is likely a negative factor. Your “informed opinion” could take a serious hit from some “news input”.

Mr. Bruce Drake wrote an article for FACTANK . He is sharing his thoughts on a Bush,  Obama Personal image comparison. He avoided tasks for which Mr. Bush was hired because it is not easy to compare the Iraq war to health care.

This attempt to make Ex-President Bush(George W.) look good is a tall order because after twenty-some-odd years of “toil” there is nothing – absolutely NOTHING the neocons can point to as their proudest achievement. YOU CAN’T MAKE  NEOCONS TALK ABOUT THEIR PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT/S. While the neocons may boast of achievements to BIG OIL,  that is a horse of a different color.

How did Mr. Drake approach his task? Well, one thing you won’t see or hear mentioned is a  proudest neocon achievement. His comparison  task reads like a misdirected  damage control task.  Listen to the categories that Mr. Drake decided were important to Mr. Bush’s ethics and character:

Personal Image

A Strong Leader
Able To Get Things Done
Cares About People Like Me
In Touch With Actions Of Government

The title of Mr. Drake’s piece is: Obama, Bush and the ‘second-term curse’. Mr. Drake carefully filtered the data/issues he wanted to present – staying mainly with news sources proffered perceptions of both Presidents. He did what the neocons typically do: you can’t make  neocons talk about their political performance. Twenty some odd years in leadership positions and YOU CAN’T MAKE NEOCONS TALK ABOUT THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. And Mr. Drake’s “piece” doesn’t stray, at all, from the neocon theme.

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