The Voice Of America Is Broadsheet Not Tabloid


Since 1980 America has been inundated with news websites trying to stupefy readers. The political propaganda they expose practically encourages reader stupidity. It is stupid and irresponsible for a politician to even suggest doing away with mandatory schooling. That politician comes from  the same state that looks favorably on polygamy.

Political propaganda, polygamy, nude searches, glorifying a neocon Politician’s broken toilet, ignoring a political sacking of America’s treasury are the topics of tabloids. And you can no longer tell a tabloid by its shape.

Tabloid news(called sensationalism by some) do have a major task. Any task that can make Three Stooges like political performance acceptable to the most advanced country in the world is indeed major. The tabloid approach to the news was personified by what was attempted on the Chicago Sun-Times. Listen:

Roger Ebert later reflected on the incident with much disdain, stating in his blog,[9]

On the first day of Murdoch’s ownership, he walked into the newsroom and we all gathered around and he recited the usual blather and rolled up his shirtsleeves and started to lay out a new front page. Well, he was a real newspaperman, give him that. He threw out every meticulous detail of the beautiful design, ordered up big, garish headlines, and gave big play to a story about a North Shore rabbi accused of holding a sex slave.

The story turned out to be fatally flawed, but so what? It sold papers. Well, actually, it didn’t sell papers. There were hundreds of cancellations. Soon our precious page 3 was defaced by a daily Wingo girl, a pinup in a bikini promoting a cash giveaway. The Sun-Times, which had been placing above the Tribune in lists of the 10 best U.S. newspapers, never took that great step it was poised for.

Murdoch sold the paper in 1986 (to buy its former sister television station WFLD to launch the Fox network) for $145 million in cash in a leveraged buyout to an investor group led by the paper’s publisher, Robert E. Page, and the New York investment firm Adler & Shaykin.[10]

However, before one completely trashes the “news” – calling it trash – perhaps a visit to Voice Of America can renew one’s faith in what America’s founding fathers had in mind when they “penned” America’s First Amendment to its Constitution.

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