The Press Is Still Calling The Neocons “Grand”


The Grand Old Party died during the birth of the neocons in 1980. However the press, perhaps for selfish reasons and tabloid presentation, won’t let it die.

The “ethical” press still misleads the public in describing  post 1980 Republicans as GOP. GOP is a value added description of the Republican party when the Republican party did not sell “dope”,  did not slice penises, did not pour water up the noses of “detainees(POWs have rights)”.

Post 1980 Republicans are neocons and even Satan might have trouble describing their accomplishments as GRAND. Do you have any idea why the press might have become aligned with the neocons? The neocons are trying to give America’s Internet to the press. And that is not “out of character” for the neocons. They gave Iraq’s oil to America’s BIG OIL. The neocons have never given any of their own accomplishments away. The simple reason for that is they’ve never accomplished anything of value during their twenty-some odd years at the helm. It was President Eisenhower, the real GOP, who created the Internet.

Lets look at a few actions that the press seems to be calling GRAND:

New Study: U.S. Military Doctors Allowed Detainee Torture

John Boehner holds fire on Trey Radel cocaine controversy

The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations

Judge Halts Terror Trial

The legacy of the Bush tax cuts, in four charts

The above is just a short list of what the neocons accomplished. Isn’t it strange how the press could call such “accomplishments” grand?