Is Sequestration Fair And Sensible?


No, it is not.

It is neither fair nor sensible. And that should come as no surprise when the creator of the sequester is revealed. Forget the 17 or 18 sequesters that don’t relate to serious problems for America. Forget those that happened when America’s spending was 30% of its GDP. Think about the sequester that the neocons sprung on America after 1980, after their political leaders(Presidents) spent 90% of GDP.

Bush(George W.) and Reagan were spending like HELL at the same time they were cutting taxes like HELL. Any idiot can tell you that is irresponsible and maybe even designed to kill a country’s democracy.

How did the neocon HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES decide to solve the runaway spending of their fellow neocons? They didn’t. They decided instead to punish the rest of America. And they did that in 1985-87 by sequester. They dumped the stupidity of their political party brethren on the rest of America. And yes – there are some Americans who don’t care. Blame that, in part, on the 1861 strain.

When a problem surfaces, go to the source of the problem if the idea is to solve it. The neocons won’t do that because they are frequently the source of the problem. The sequester is not a problem solver, it is a political weapon designed and used by the neocons. It is neither fair nor sensible. We’ve seen the neocon performance theme for twenty-some-odd years. If America had been a banana republic it would be gone by now.

[It defies common sense  to observe a politician spending recklessly but correcting the problem by taking money from others. Is it any wonder that Bush(George W.) and Reagan continued their spending until the country crashed? ]

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