Ex-Defense Secretary, Robert Gates Speaks On Obama


Perhaps Robert Gates really wanted to be President?

It seems as if he is totally dissatisfied with his impact on things he managed while serving at the high level of Secretary of Defense. He now joins a chorus of public officials who have decided to make money from their government service by writing books.  People do tend to believe what they read in books. But no matter how you package politics – its still politics.

Condoleezza Rice, like Robert Gates, also spoke of her personal evaluation of an American  top political leader. She said, of President Bush(George W.), that his acts would stand the test of time. Like Robert Gates, she could not go into details.

Robert Gates makes it seem like political problems are easy to solve – at least if his ideas are followed. But they are not. America has been working on a solution to a United Nations created Middle East problem for sixty-some-odd years – with no solution in sight. Even if Robert Gates had been elected President, the root cause of wars – land theft and genocide – would still be a problem. Trying to “mesh” very different lifestyles would still be a problem. War was the Bush(George W.) tool for managing the life-styles of people. Diplomacy, a tool of democracy, has also been used to keep people together.

But even when people are of the same country, the same political party, the same religious denomination and even in the same social family they must beware of “Critical Mass”. Joejolly defines critical mass using headcount. Conflict can arise when critical mass is reached. And critical mass is reached when the headcount equals 2. America’s divorce rate lends credence to that idea.

The Bush(George W.) signature is all over the Middle East – Afghanistan(Drones), Lebanon(Cluster Bombs), Iraq(Oil), Israel(foreign? Soil), etc. Afghanistan had troops. But they were replaced with drones. Why? troops went to Iraq. Why? that’s where the oil is. Iraq’s oil was calling to two oil men who headed America’s Government. So, troops went to Iraq – drones to Afghanistan.

What the Bush(George W.) team has wrought let no man easily tear  asunder. But the process of improvement has begun and is making headway. The process is likely to include more than a single brain. And once the brain-count equals or exceeds the “critical mass” , there is likely to be disagreements but the organized effort should be able to react constructively to the challenge. If yours is not the chosen view don’t write a book about your misery. The “loose lips rule” applies to everybody. If you can’t show a positive effort for a country’s leaders trying to overcome fascism and return to democracy, retire in peace – please.

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