A Neocon Supreme Court Currently Speaks For America’s Constitution


And it is now OK to:

Deprive Americans of government sanctioned privacy

Engage in dog fighting

Use corporate deep pockets to influence political decisions

The neocons, in their quest to gain America’s resources for greedy bastards, have come to realize the Judiciary is a necessary conquest. The neocons, masquerading as Republicans, were able to gain strength in the House and the Senate. And now they target the United States Supreme Court.

Ex-President Bush even tried to get his personal attorney a seat on the United States Supreme Court..

Bringing a fascist theme to the United States Supreme Count now seems to be a goal of the neocons. Any action that goes against stacking the Supreme Court with neocons gets their attention.

And Recess Appointments, in use since the days of George Washington, is about to be targeted  by the Bush(George W.) neocon Supreme Court. George W. Bush should have been impeached in 2006. He deserved it more than any of the recently impeached Presidents. Had he been impeached, as he deserved, there would have been no recession, no PRISM and likely no fascist minded Supreme Court.

The United States Supreme Court is nothing but a flunky court for the neocons.

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